T&T Hung Yen Limited Liability Company

Thành lập năm 1998, Công ty T&T Hưng Yên đầu tư xây dựng hai nhà máy sản xuất động cơ, phụ tùng xe gắn máy lớn nhất Việt Nam với 10 xưởng sản xuất, tổng vốn đầu tư 300 tỷ đồng. Founded in 1998, T&T Hung Yen LLC invested in building two biggest factory in Vietnam specialized in manufacturing motorbikes engines, spare parts, with a total investment of VND 300 billion dong.

With the investment of two biggest motorbikes manufacturing factory, T&T Hung Yen has successfully increase localization rate of motorbikes to 80 percent with painting, drying, compression, CNC, injection moulding machine, using advanced quality control and inspection before factory release.

T&T Hung Yen annual production capacity reached 400,000 bikes, and being recognized as Hanoi major products for 3 consecutive years.