As part of investment strategy and development orientation until 2030, T&T Group is developing a key investment project in transport infrastructure in order to enhance traffic capacity, improve regional transport connectivity and promote socio-economic development of the whole country.

As the first private corporation in Vietnam being the majority shareholder of Quang Ninh Port, T&T Group participates in the Quang Ninh Port’s development strategy with the goal of meeting all international standards. T&T Group has selected a prestigious international partner with strong experience in investment planning and construction for mutual project consultancy and development.


T&T Group is the majority shareholder of Quang Ninh Port - a deep sea port located at the Northern key economic region of Vietnam, which has favorable natural conditions for the investment, construction and development of seaport business and maritime services.

Quang Ninh Port is in the center of Tonkin Gulf - a key point in the economic triangle of Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh and the Northern gateway to the East Sea. The goods from Northeastern and Northwestern regions to China are mostly exported through Quang Ninh Port.

Quang Ninh Port can receive vessels up to 85,000 DWT and 680 m in length. The total length of the access channel is 36 km, the highest draft is 11.7 m. Quang Ninh Port's loading volume reached 7.5 million tons per year.

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