Member companies & associated companies

  • Saigon Hanoi Commercial Bank (SHB)

    Saigon Hanoi Commercial Bank (SHB) is among five biggest commercial bank in Vietnam, and Top 10 most credible bank in Vietnam, Top 1000 global bank, and one out of sixteen influential financial institution of Vietnamese banking system.

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  • Saigon Hanoi Securities

    Saigon Hanoi Securities JSC (SHS) aims to become a leading Financial and securities investment company in Vietnam, providing world class professional financial and investment services to businesses and investors.

    SHS maintains its position among top 5 companies with the highest market shares on both Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) and Hochiminh Stock Exchange (HSX) striving to reach top 3 in Vietnam. Additionally, SHS is actively working to become a leading financial consulting organization in Vietnam, a prestigious securities company in Asia.

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  • Saigon Hanoi Insurance Company (BSH)

    BSH is ranked among top 11 life insurance companies in Vietnam, with the vision to be among Top 5 insurance company in Vietnam in 2022, as well as a strong financial institution in 2030.

    BSH specializes in 7 core insurance products: Human, Motor vehicles, Marine, Asset, Goods, Technical insurance, Responsibility. BSH network widely covers all over Vietnam, with 46 subsidiaries and 2,200 agents in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

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  • T&T Urban & Industrial zone development limited company (T&T Land)

    With more than a decade of project development experience, T&T Urban & Industrial zone Development Ltd, Co. (T&T Land), a member of T&T Group, is constantly affirming its leading  position as a real estate project developers in Vietnam.

    With a strong financial resource accompanied by an insightful business plan, T&T Land has successfully completed numerous projects of different types, from residential to industrial properties in many provinces across Vietnam.

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  • T&T Real Estate Management and Operation Limited Company (T&T Management)

    T&T Real Estate Management and Operation (T&T Management), a member of T&T Group, is founded with a mission to provide real estate managing and operating services, from offices to residential housing projects in Vietnam.

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  • T&T Hospitality Limited Company (T&T Hospitality)

    By founding T&T Hospitality, T&T Group is one step further in realizing its complete  real estate ecosystem, toward becoming a professional real estate offering property developing and managing services, in accordance with international standards.

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  • T&T Retail Limited Company (T&T Retail)

    Commercial properties is developed and managed by T&T Retail, a member of T&T Group. T&T Retail offers leasing and management services for commercial and retail spaces, with a vision to be among top 5 developers and managers of commercial spaces in Vietnam.

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  • T&T Land Phuoc Tho LLC

    T&T Land Phuoc Tho - a member of T&T Group is the developer of Phuoc Tho Township in Vinh Long, Vietnam.

  • Hanoi Union of Import & Export JSC (Unimex)

    A leading company with 50 years of experience in Vietnam international commerce and trading business. Unimex is vision is to be the number one suppliers of Vietnamese agricultural products on the international market.

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  • T&T Hung Yen LLC

    Founded in 1998, T&T Hung Yen LLC invested in building 2 biggest motorbikes manufacturing factories in Vietnam, with total capital investment of VND 300 billion dong.

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  • T&T Agriculture LLC

    One of the leading importer and distributor of raw material used in feeding production in Vietnam.

  • Hanoi Knitting JSC (HKC)

    Specializes in producing and trading of knitting products, HKC products are exports to Japan and other countries across Asia, due to their diverse design, competitive price and high quality.

  • Thong nhat Electromechanical JSC

    Manufacturing and trading electric fans, fan motors, refrigeration and hardware, and exporting those products to Asian and African markets. For many consecutive years, Vinawind has always been the leading enterprise of Hanoi industrial sector.

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  • Viet Ha Trade & Investment

    Viet Ha Corporation invests in multiple consumer businesses, including production and trading of food and beverage products. Viet Ha major brands includes: Viet Ha Beer, Trang An Confectionery, Hanoi Confectionery.

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  • Trang Thi Trading & Services JSC

    Managing a chain of points of sale, retail shops of consumer goods, electronics, hardware, kitchen ware - home appliances, handicrafts, and many other products, covering the whole Hanoi area.

    Trang Thi stores are located at the central, densely populated areas with convenient transportation to develop long-term commercial and retail activities.

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  • T&T Group in USA (T&T USA)

    Founded in: 2013
    Initial capital investment: USD 25 million dollars.

  • T&T Group in Germany (T&T Germany)

    Founded in: 2015
    Initial capital investment: USD 25 million dollars.

  • T&T Group in Russia (T&T Russia)

    Founded in: 2018
    Total initial investment: USD 800 thousand dollars.

  • T&T Group Global LLC
  • T&T Superport & International Logistics Center LLC

    T&T Superport & International Logistics Center LLC is the managing partner and investors of International ICD & Logistics Center in Vietnam.

  • T&T Consumer Goods & Commercial Services LLC (T&T Consumer)

    T&T Consumer is operates and manages a chain of various and accessible supermarkets and convenience stores, specializing in distribution and supply of high-quality essential consumer products.

    The Company targets to develop a distribution networks of special goods with unique consumption values in Vietnam.

  • T&T Motor LLC

  • T&T Green Life Agriculture Development LLC

    Operating a series of specialized farms, with a total area of ​​500 ha to over 1,000 ha, locating at suitable climate regions with soil for the development of fruit trees of high value.

  • Vietnam National Vegetable, Fruit and Agricultural Product Corporation (Vegetexco)

    Vegetexco, with a network of subsidiaries and associates, is actively participating in the development of Vietnam agricultural value chains, from production, processing to trading of agricultural products, such as:

    • Central Fruit and Vegetable Seed Company
    • Binh Phuoc Cashew & Agricultural Processing Company
    • Dong Nai Fruit & Beverage Company
  • Vietnam Forest Corporation (Vinafor)

    As a majority shareholder of Vietnam Forest Corporation – Vinafor and its network of member companies nationwide, T&T Group aims to: Expand the scale of material forests, improve productivity and quality of planted forests across the country; Increase the annual production of wood for both domestic and export markets; Enhance activities for development of sustainable ecosystems and environment.

    T&T Group is the major shareholder at Vietnam Forest Corporation. After 20 years of development, Vinafor has achieved substantial growth, with shareholder equity increases 10 times, with a wide business network that spread across 24 provinces in Vietnam. The company is one of Top 1000 major contributor to the state budget.

  • Vietnam Southern Food Corporation (Vinafood 2)

    T&T Group has invested and become shareholders at Vietnam Southern Food Corporation (Vinafood 2) - with 60 years of experience in agricultural production and trading in Vietnam, providing both domestic and international market with high quality agricultural products.

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  • Vietnam General of Agricultural Equipment Corporate

    T&T Group has invested to become shareholder at Vietnam General of Agricultural Equipment Corporate (Vigecam). Since the foundation 54 years ago, the company has always maintained its leading position as a suppliers of equipment and material used in agricultural production.

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  • Quang Ninh Port JSC

    T&T Group is the majority shareholder of Quang Ninh Port - a deep sea port located at the Northern key economic region of Vietnam, which has favorable natural conditions for the investment, construction and development of seaport business and maritime services.

    Quang Ninh Port can receive vessels up to 85,000 DWT and 680 m in length. The total length of the access channel is 36 km, the highest draft is 11.7 m.

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  • T&T Infrastructure investment and Development JSC