Founded in 1993 as one of the earliest private enterprises in Vietnam, with a great mission, aspirations and unceasing effort to contribute great value to the community and socio-economic development of Vietnam, T&T Ltd., Co. began life with the core business of producing and trading electronic and electrical products. T&T quickly developed its reputation and became the official and exclusive distributor of world leading brands such as Panasonic, National, Mitsubishi and Toshiba.

With a mission of ‘contributing great value to the community and socio-economic development’ over the past 30 years, T&T Group has made great strides to become a leading multi-business group within Vietnam with “strong internal strength, great potential”, operating its business on the foundation of the highest credibility with partners, Government and social community.

T&T Group has embraced the goal of successfully maintaining its position among the top 10 largest multi-sector private economic corporations in Vietnam and Top 50 powerful groups in the Southeast Asia & the region. T&T Group’s appropriate development strategies are regularly revised, supported by a long-term and sustainable orientation in accordance with international standards of operation and transparent corporate governance. Our business is based on a harmonious development philosophy between social and community values and economic benefits. In addition, T&T Group’s emphasis remains steadfastly focused on developing and preserving our corporate culture based on humanity values and increasing the prosperity of Vietnam.

Following the core values of DEDICATION – INTELLIGENCE – TRUST – PRESTIGE - QUINTESSENCE – MOVE FORWARD, T&T Group leadership and workforce members have made continuous efforts to realize the leading dreams, creating the best values and benefits for our partners, community and for Vietnam. Concretely:

  • Stay dedicated & innovative in details to achieve the highest performance.
  • Make active contributions to the socio-economic development and prosperity of Vietnam.
  • Make sustainable developments, observance of the law, associating the economic benefits with community development and our living environment.
  • Offer the best benefits to partners and customers in addition to premium and high-end products and services.
  • Harmonize Vietnamese cultural identity and the best attributes from around the world into each product and service.
  • Continuously re-develop to fulfill the sustainable development objectives and realize the pioneer vision.