T&T Group has invested in agricultural production, using a strategic approach in large-scale organic farming meeting international standards for food safety and the health of consumers. T&T Group aims to bring its agricultural production business to the top of Southeast Asia region.

As for forestry, T&T Group focuses on innovation of advanced technology line, machineries in wood processing; enhancement of large timber plantation to ensure raw material used in production of wooden furniture export; development of forest plantation in order to enhance the environmental protection towards sustainability.

T&T Group takes part in restructuring and reviving domestic aquaculture and export of aquatic products; investing to upgrade processing lines and preservation for aquatic products and their processed products.


T&T Group has become majority shareholder, as well as holding executive position in state-owned agriculture corporations such as: Vietnam National Vegetable, Fruit and Agricultural Product Corporation JSC (Vegetexco), Vietnam Agriculture Material Corporation Ltd. (Vigecam), Vietnam Southern Food Corporation (Vinafood II). These are long-standing businesses with over 60-year experience in safe agricultural production and supplying the local and international markets with high quality agricultural products.

With a solid foundation and strengths in agriculture business in Vietnam, T&T Group and such corporations have:

  • Established strategic partnerships with prominent local and international players;
  • Executed the vision of agriculture development by hi-tech and advance technology adaption in production in order to bring high added-value products, satisfying domestic and overseas demand.

T&T Group sets the goal to substantially change the agricultural production towards sustainability and turn Vietnamese agriculture into a modern agriculture, making great contribution to Vietnam's economic growth.


As a majority shareholder of Vietnam Forest Corporation (Vinafor) and its network of member companies nationwide, possessing strong capability in forest plantation and production.

T&T Group aims to establish a sustainable business model by: Expanding the scale of material forests, improving productivity and quality of planted forests across the country; Increasing the annual production of wood for both domestic and export markets; Enhancing activities for development of sustainable ecosystems and environment.

Our products: wooden fine-arts and furniture for household interior, offices and gardens, industrial planks, wooden planks… with high quality standards.


With the mission to establish a sustainable aquaculture and aquatics production, T&T Group has developed a farming area that meets the most stringent standards of Vietnam and the world such as Vietgap, Global Gap; having pond system ensured with clean, non-antibiotic water source that minimizes negative impacts on the surrounding environment and ecosystem.

To ensure our finished products meet international standards, each and every stages of production are rigorously tested and monitored in accordance with EU, HACCP, and FDA regulation.

Currently, T&T Group and its subsidiaries are managing aqua cultures in Vinh Long, An Giang, Can Tho, with total area of 40 hectares, producing 30,000 tons per year. Our markets includes the United States, Central America, Brazil, Middle East, Mainland China, with annual export value reached USD 50 million.